Mulatto America

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Mulatto America

Black and white culture has been blending and colliding in America for hundreds of years. In the 1700s, black slaves discovered their masters’ Bibles and found in them a seditious faith of their own. In the 1920s, young white men fell in love with New Orleans jazz and created an underground of cultural dissidents. In the 1970s, black style began its takeover of the sports world and made Dr. J and Michael Jordan the idols of millions.

Drawing on original research and daring new interpretations of crucial events in American history, author Stephan Talty paints a portrait of a lost America: one in which musicians, writers, and ordinary people led the nation to a deeper understanding of the strangers on the other side of town.

Praise for Mulatto America

” . . . this book is an informed, occasionally inspired work that pulls its historical examples under a broad view of biracialism-as a phenomenon of memes as well as genes. It’s a concept that more than sustains this smart, popularizing account.”
Publishers Weekly

“A must-read for readers interested in race and cultural issues.”