The Black Hand
The Black Hand is nonfiction noir at its best: a real-life Godfather prequel that pits an unforgettable Italian-American hero against the seemingly unstoppable menace that would become the New York mafia.”
—Mark Adams, author of the NYT bestseller Turn Right at Machu Picchu
“Like a master class that’s accessible to anyone . . . reads as though it were written in a single, perfect draft.”
The Atlantic on Agent Garbo
 “A swashbuckling adventure . . . [the] characters leap to life.”
The New York Times Book Review on Empire of Blue Water

Stephan Talty is the award-winning author of Agent Garbo, Empire of Blue Water and other best-selling works of narrative nonfiction. His books have been made into two films, the Oscar-winning Captain Phillips and Granite Mountain. He’s also the author of two psychological thrillers, including the NYTimes bestseller Black Irish, set in his hometown of Buffalo, NY.